Leadership Team

Dominic Blais

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Dominic Blais founded IfWizard Corporation in 2012 and leads the strategic and technological development of the company. Mr. Blais has worked professionally as an executive, manager, or software engineer in technology companies for the past twenty years, but has been enthusiastically programming computers since 1983. With full SDLC experience in a variety of domains including embedded systems, enterprise databases, HPCC, biotechnology, and COTS application development, Mr. Blais brings a diverse and nuanced understanding of technology to his role as IfWizard's CEO.

While Mr. Blais believes that computer technology is very useful and interesting, he also believes that it is fundamentally a means rather than an end. This perspective has led him to balance his natural enthusiasm for these technologies with a greater appreciation of the more permanent and meaningful purposes they support. Outside of work, Mr. Blais enjoys hiking, reading, playing music, and, above all, spending time with his wife and four kids.

Greg Merten

Board Director

Greg Merten was the Vice President and General Manager of Hewlett-Packard's highly successful Inkjet division prior to retiring. Mr. Merten became involved in the development and commercialization of Inkjet technology for which HP shares the original patent. For the last 20 years of his career at HP, he was responsible for HP's Inkjet cartridge operations. He grew that organization from 75 employees on one site in 1984 to over 10,000 employees in 6 sites around the world. Revenues grew 2,000 fold from 3 million to over 6 billion, an annual compound growth rate of about 50% for 20 years. During this experience Mr. Merten became a student of communications and organizational effectiveness, focusing on results.

Mr. Merten also focused on the dispersal of hyper growth and results, lessons learned in Inkjet to the rest of HP during and after the merger with Compaq. He currently consults and speaks in leadership and communications effectiveness at Oregon State University and elsewhere. Oregon State University has recognized Mr. Merten's achievements by selecting him as a Distinguished Career Engineer, and to their Engineering Hall of Fame.

Gary Conley

Board Director

Gary Conley is the president and majority stockholder of the Conley Capital Group, a registered investment advisor and consulting firm. Mr. Conley started his career as a stockbroker with Dean Witter in 1971 and founded the Conley Capital Group in 1990.

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IfWizard Corporation is a privately held "C" corporation backed by a small group of independent investors. For communication about investment, partnering, or other strategic matters, please e-mail dominic@ifwizard.com.

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